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Genesis Genoma works as a key contributor to the implementation of the mixed distance training program «Medical Genetics» which is offered for the first time in Greece and is being implemented by the Center for Lifelong Learning of the University of Ioannina, with the scientific coordinator of the Professor of the Medical School of the University of Ioannina, Ioannis Georgiou.

The main part of the training (32 weeks) is carried out remotely, on a specially developed e-learning platform, while the laboratory practice takes place in the high quality facilities of our laboratory.

There is the unique opportunity for the trainees to acquire practical experience in the subject of Genetic Medicine and to participate in laboratory exercises and clinical observation that enhance the practical consolidation of the subject.

The director of the workshop and the initiator of the project idea, Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens, Emmanuel Kanavakis, he is also one of the two scientist responsible for the training program, along with Professor, Ioannis Georgiou, who supervise the design and implementation of the training and bear the scientific responsibility for the content of the modules and the co-ordination of the team of collaborators (members of Greek universities faculty, specialists with specialization in distance learning, training consultants, etc.)

The standard educational material designed specifically for this particular subject follows the principles of distance learning and adult learning, maximizing the benefits of studying participants.

It exploits digital tools, electronic resources and polymorphic material (image, video, audio, text, databases, etc.), resulting in a modern and functional learning environment.

It is an innovative program that combines wide-ranging theoretical training with practical skills and is addressed to health professionals, graduates of HEIs and TEIs in Greece and abroad as well as to postgraduate students of medical and nursing schools with special interest in the subject.

The participation of the laboratory in this training program is the exploitation of our long-term clinical experience and at the same time an opening to the modern educational environment of the 21st century. LEARN MORE!