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Preparation for a genetic test

Genetic tests are based on the analysis of the genetic material (DNA) for the detection of possible alterations that could lead to genetic diseases.

The blood collection can be sceduled for any time of the day – you can eat or drink as usual by that time!

For all genetic analyses the peripheral blood is collected in tubes with EDTA as an anticoagulant.

The blood samples that are going to undergo conventional karyotyping have to be collected in tubes with dry heparin.

Blood samples for NIPT testing are collected in speciallized tubes provided by our laboratory.

In case of prenatal testing, the sample collection is performed by the gynecologist and the sample is subsequently sent to the laboratory for analysis.

For the genetic counseling you should bring with you a complete medical file with all the tests that you have previously done.

For more information contact us by phone at +30 2106803130.

Payment options

You can pay Genesis Genoma Lab for the provided services by:

  1. paying with cash or credit card at the cashier in the laboratory
  2. bank transfer

You can deposit the amount due to our account in Alpha Bank:
IBAN: GR28 0140 3990 3990 0232 0000 701
Beneficiary: Genesis Genoma Lab

You should always mention the Name and Surname of the person undergoing the genetic testing and you should notify the laboratory for the deposit by sending the bank receipt to the email address or by fax at +30 210 6894778.

Receipt of the results

Please contact the laboratory to arrange the most convenient way to receive your results.


Phone number: +30 210 6803130
Address: Genesis Genoma Lab
Kifisias Av. 302, Chalandri, P.C. 152 32 Athens, Greece